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November 17, 2018


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I can't remember that moment when I realized that you simultaneously was creative director, lead level designer and script writer of Chaos Theory. It was long after Far Cry 2 release. Since then you became one of the devs I follow, I mean read interviews, watch GDC talks, wait for your next project, even check this blog. By the way, this top 10 list was really awesome.

But I do remember the moment when I decided to play Far Cry 2. I was tired of waiting when you will release a new game. That’s why when you left Valve, I played Far Cry 2 for the first time, and it blew me away. It was like another forgotten Looking Glass gem, an immersive sim, but open world one, a rare beast, which was overlooked by me shortly after release, because of several stupidly negative reviews.

Since you returned to Ubisoft, I can’t wait for the day when you (or someone from your team) will walk on stage of another major gaming event and announce your next project. Every E3 I hope to see not the next Splinter Cell, but the next Clint Hocking’s game at the end of Ubisoft conference, but that just doesn't happen.

So all I’d have to do is to keep finding bits and pieces of that specific Far Cry 2 feel in other games like Metro, MGSV, Watch Dogs, RDR2 or even the last Zelda, hoping that decisions all these devs made were inspired by Far Cry 2 tight game design.

Concluding on that positive note, I wish you and your team best of luck, hope you, guys, will continue Far Cry 2 lineage in one way or another, even if you won’t, hope you’ll set the bar very high and achieve everything you wanted.

Thank you for this very interesting collection, and for wrestling with the obviously mixed feelings on this anniversary. And thank you for the games!

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