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June 29, 2012


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Intriguing! Good luck.

Really looking forward to hear from some of your future projects Clint!

Best of luck man, looking forward to seeing what's next.

Good luck! But I wonder what did you do at LA ? I hope it is not 1313...

I'm sure you'll kick it wherever you land. Before you leave tell me where the entrance to the tunnel is.

Good luck Clint! Just found out from, keep us posted.

Best of luck!

Brilliant title! Clint, if you'd consider coming back to Toronto, Splinter Cell needs you. I used to love that game. Thanks for that. It was the first game that really drew me in and it held me there until things went off the rails with Conviction. Your fans miss you! Check out this thread:

Hey again. I don't anticipate you're heading back to Ubisoft, but seriously, sometimes I wish they'd bring you in as a consultant once and a while.

I have to agree with Eric up there. Honestly, Stealth Action Redefined and Chaos Theory are two of my all time favorite games. SAR, despite it's flaws, is still the game that's pulled me in more than any other game and that has to do with the gameplay, the story, and the world/environment it was set in. Reading the emails, hearing the civilians, the guards, etc. The news...I could go on and on but it was a masterpiece. Chaos Theory took that same formula, made it less frustrating and more replayable (who hasn't tried to completely ghost a mission one time and then completely rampage through, setting off every alarm, another?)

Chaos Theory pulled me into the world amazingly as well, just under SAR believe it or not. I love those two games. I even really liked Pandora Tomorrow (it followed the formula of SAR) and the two versions of Double Agent (followed the formula of CT more or less) and I know those two weren't done by you but they followed what you had done. I'm sure you've seen and more than likely played Conviction and seen the trailer and gameplay of Blacklist. Is that what you EVER thought Splinter Cell would be when you worked there? I'm not intending to bash Ubi in any way but it's like they lost the meaning. If you know about the countless invisible triggers where enemies learn of Sam's presence in every mission, the unrealistic speed and abilities Sam gained, and the hand-holding freedomless plot that rips off the Shetland narrative....done poorly. There is no meaningful satisfaction from choosing either and seems put in there just for whatever's sake.

I'm not going to beg you to go back to Ubisoft and try and do a coup to retake the franchise...but I am curious as to your thoughts on the Splinter Cell franchise and what's happened to it. What would you have done in this modern era of gaming to keep the hardcore fans still in love with the series they have grown so fond of while also dealing with Ubisoft's mandate to make the game more appealing to the mass audience, the lowest common denominator, the COD fanboys, etc.?

Valve!? Excellent work! Keep us posted!

Holy moly Valve!
I could not have imagined better news! Well at least as long as they let you make immersive sims and games like that. But seriously. No wonder you left LA.

Good luck in your new adventuee. Keep waiting what your brain will come up to next!!

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