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May 03, 2010


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Good luck in your future endeavors. I also want you to know that Far Cry 2 is one of the best First Person Shooters I've played this generation; I could really see the hard work that you and the team put into it.

You are hereby my number one Hero!

Good luck with your future projects!


I went forward two years ago when I left Ubisoft Quebec to go back to university. After only two years at Ubi, I thought I had to move on too. I'll always remember when you did a Hot Friday at our studio. You're a top designer!

I wish you good times and success in everything you do! Good luck!

I'll resign too, Ubisoft Montreal's not what it used to be

I left the game industry a year ago and can vividly remember calculating out how many hours a week my wife and I would need to work as shift managers at a local restaurant to make a living (backup plan). We already shunned the typical decisions that lead to financial responsibilities, but I am a pretty financially conservative person. Since then, I have made more money when I actually do work and have had more time to enjoy the remaining youth that I have (30 is too close), and got to enjoy my new bride in a way that I regretfully missed during the first year of biannual crunch times. You'll soon be in a place where you wouldn't even want to go back!

I've really loved the games you've worked on, and your comments about how games should be. You're probably at the top of my list of people I admire in the gaming industry. You never seemed complacent, and this proves it, you always looked for ways to make things work differently and better, and I think Chaos Theory and especially Far Cry 2 are a testament to that. Good luck with your future endeavors!

- Jacob

Great post Clint,

Good luck on this new chapter of your life. I don't think any word is really necessary to tell you how much I appreciated our design dynamic on Far Cry 2. All the great debates we had and hopefully still have forge our friendship in many ways. Best of luck for all those new moments of your life(big year for you)and the same goes for Anne-Marie.

Without Ubi as a link, let's make sure we still see each other from time to time. You will always need that guy with the balls to say: "And I am 100% you are wrong..." :)

Was an honor and still is...


Good luck with what's next.

Good Luck Clint,

You are one of my inspirations in this industry and one of the great minds @ our studio.

I wish you find a challenge worthy of your talent.

Keep us posted!


Good luck! I hope this means more blogging more often

Great article, Clint! The luxurious palace of comfort is one of the most difficult prisons to escape from and I am glad to see someone break out. Most people can't.

Good luck on whatever the future holds.

I don't believe we've ever met, but I enjoyed what you wrote very much. Godspeed and much respect for being honest, self aware and attuned to your needs as an artist.

Best wishes and best luck in all your future endeavors! :)


First, I'd like to wish you luck on your future endeavours. And then I'd like to thank you for this post. It comes at a time when I myself am looking at pushing for great change in my life and your sentiments echo some of mine. It's too comfortable where I am. It's not challenging enough, so it's time to break out into something new. Your post gives me courage that I'm not the only one crazy enough to take what many would see as a good deal for oneself and push for more. Not out of greed, but out of a desire to keep evolving, learning, and growing. So thank you for this.

Oh, also, you kinda helped make a few bad ass games in your time. Thanks for those too. ;)



Good on ya mate, wish you the best of luck

to be honest, for as long as I have been playing your games, I was never familiar of who you was prior to reading an article about your resignation on Kotaku. I just wanted to say I found this to be very inspirational as I feel I am in the same place right now. I am no where near as accomplished as you are, but have come far in my own rights I guess, but I know that comfortable feeling all too well. I know I am unsustainable and after reading this, I am even more confident in taking the necessary steps forward to rectify that. Thanks again for posting this, it has honestly been an inspiration. Godspeed to you in your future endeavors, and I'm sure you won't need any luck this time around.

-Daniel O.

Well written--very much so. Enjoying what of Far Cry 2 I've played so far... wasn't much into Splinter Cell while in HS (preferred Metal Gear Solid at the time), but we'll see if I don't grow to play it in the future.

Best wishes

Sad to hear you go. But You should be proud of all the work you've done. Truly you've accomplished what others only dream about.

Splinter Cell is one of my favorite game series of all times and coincidentally, the original and Chaos Theory are two of my absolute favorites.

Best of luck to you in all your future ventures.




Wow. And with a few edits I could break up with my girlfriend with that. Kidding.

Browsing about on LinkedIn, I stepped onto you profile and wondered what you where up to. So figured I should come here for a peek.
But wow! I certainly did not expect such a big news. And a very good read too.

As you may now, I also left Ubi looking for some bit of change, or for figuring out how much change would satisfy me. So far so good.

I remember you were attracted with stuff that was happening in the indie scene back on FC2. Is this what you’re going towards?
In any case, I wish you luck and success. Mostly, I wish you interesting new challenges. I’m sure that’s a good thing for a developer to wish to another.

And here I am with an interview at Ubi soon, partially because I was hoping to work on your team. Gotta keep moving forward!

Good luck, I'll be interested to see what's next.

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