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May 03, 2010


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Having recently made the courage-leap myself, this reads like my own journal. I've had the fortune (misfortune?) to make this call many times this past decade, and it has always worked out for the best. Not only that, my colleagues who have done the same thing have 90% all landed on the other side safely and then some.

It takes courage, but I've found courage is the middle step of that hard journey, not the beginning. And by the time you get to this point, the sun is already rising.

Good luck and Godspeed. I look forward to hearing about it at GDC next year!

It was always a pleasure to hear you whether it was at the SAT or Salle Montreal. I hope we will be able to hear more of your passionate speeches again and soon. Or at least to chit-chat about the industry :)

Congratulations Clint, and good luck!


Since stumbling onto you're GDC 2006 presentation I've been an avid reader of the blog. You're a true inspiration for anyone who is interested in getting into Game Design today.

Thank you for your contributions to the medium so far and I sincerely hope for many more in the future!


The Hot Friday talk you gave about Far Cry 2, inspired me.

I'm sure you'll be fine, wherever you go and whatever you do!

Have fun,


Congrats, Clint. You're free of stupid DRM now.

I feel very lucky that my career in the videogame industry started with one of the game you made (FAR CRY 2).

Wish you all the best for you future projects (whatever you do, it's going to rock !)

I feel I came late to the party, not having played any of your games prior to this year. However, I beat Far Cry 2 last night, and with that experience fresh in my mind I wish you the best of luck. Your games left a deep impression on me.

Congrats, Clint, and best of luck in all your future endeavors! I hope to see more of your high-level design theories turned into small projects.

Also, whether intentional or not, 451 is an awesome number.

Change can be something very uncomfortable, yet good. You would think I, with my age, wouldn't know much about it, but living a life of habits is something I'm very familiar with. Fortunately for me, I found out how to supress the effect of those addictions much earlier. Who would say "moving your ass" and "getting things done" is the best way of beating your old self. Best of luck in your soon-to-come endeavours. I'm sure you still have a lot to contribute to this form of expression and entertainment.

Congratulations, Clint. I admire your ability to recognize when things are getting too comfortable and finding the courage to push yourself again. That's how we stay alive.

Good luck with your next steps and may the path of coals lead you to some wonderful new challenges.


Since you're becoming a free agent and Core Talent Games is writing, then why not North Side, here in Montreal. We are working on Bot Colony ( the first game ever to include interactive conversation as an organic gameplay element. It's not a bed of nails, broken glass and drinking paint, but it REALLY requires thinking out of the box. What kind of gameplay could you come up with if you can converse with the characters? Can it change the face of gaming as we know it today?

Eugene Joseph
CEO of North Side Inc.

I loved Far Cry 2! Good luck in the future. Will you still be making games?

Bold. We'll keep our eyes open for whatever is next from Clint Hocking, that's for sure. Good luck and great things in the future, sir.

dude, splinter cell and SC: Chaos theory were the two best games in the series.. it must have been you that made them awesome!

As a fan of the work you did while at Ubisoft Montreal, I tip my hat to you sir. Good luck on whatever you are going to do next and wherever that is... but hopefully it will still be in Montreal ;)

best of luck, and look forward to whatever you do next

It's great to hear about how you got your start and your words are wise ones. I think these are things that we all have to worry about, new talent and old pros alike. You and the people of your generation helped shape the Game Industry into what it is today and it's because of people like you that I'm majoring in Game Design and Development in college. Not just because of the great games that you and yours produced but also because of the success you built for the industry. You have, through unbelievable amounts of hard work, dedication, and caffeine turned Game Development into a successful and rewarding career for younger people like me to aspire to.

Thank you, good luck, and I hope to run into you out in the world sometime. =)

Well Clint, all that I can say is that I was honored to work with you on Splinter Cell and SC3...I wish to you good luck in your projects to come...

Take care, :)

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