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May 03, 2010


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Good luck Clint where ever the fair trade winds blow you.

Dear Clint,

I normally don't read this blog but I ended up reading it by chance. I enjoyed your writing and your thoughts. I was wondering if you would like to entertain some interesting ideas with redeeming values. If yes, please email me at Regardless I wish you all the best in your search for the next satisfying journey. Good luck.

Good luck man. Felt the same way when I left Ubisoft. It s a bit scary to re-roll and leave your comfort zone but it s worth it.

Life is always in motion, if you stop it will pass you by.

Wow, In a way i'm happy, and in more ways i'm sad. You've removed one of the only people in Ubisoft that made it good, now that your gone, whats left besides the gems in the coal, those few games out of hundreds, what do we have to look forward to? Bleak Video gaming, and the death of a giant. Your name Shall ring on in the black text of credits and the songs of the Gamers from around the world. Good luck, and may your choice be a wise one. But in the end, think if those habits were worth it? There's no such thing as luck. Theres only un-found skill, waiting the be unearthed, but piled upon by modesty and guilt. I hope you've made the right choice, as one like this makes or breaks a life. There have been to many artists that have fallen to modesty, and become part of the blithering sadness as todays modern art, but those such as yourself, stand out. I Wish you good luck in your future en devours. Your fan, Ben Otter

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