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May 03, 2010


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Wow... congratulations and good luck.

Fantastic news, Clint. I look forward to hearing of whatever it is you do next. (And hopefully to playing it as well!)

And by the way, if your future plans include a game-dev-owned-and-operated restaurant... I'm in.

good luck man. takes a lot of inner strength for this. I wish you the best!

You need to burn if you want to rebuild. Best of luck out there.


But.. but... who will be the industry voice sympathetic to the little guys now?


I am all too familiar with that rut. May you forever be breaking out of it, time and again, even as its comforting walls rise on either side of your ascent.


Great goodluck, Clint! Respect ++. Expecting further greatness eventually!

Well said. Hell, incredibly well said. Good luck to you.

Excellent, Clint. An inspiring and bold action. :-) Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Best of luck to you!

Definitely takes a good deal of courage to take on a risk! Really inspiring stuff. :)

(Okay...*whew* Here goes nothing...)

Mr Hocking,

Back at the 2009 GDC, just before the Rant, I asked you if you ever thought of becoming a free agent. (You probably don't remember.) You said thanks but you were comfortable now.

Well, I'm guessing that has just changed.

Since I only have your Ubisoft card, which I imagine is now defunct, and no other contact info, I was wondering if I could pitch an ask here. (Big if...) That is: Would you consider letting us build a game project for you? We're Core Talent Games.

We've been putting work into how to structure a game as a project - similar to the way film projects get structured. We believe we're pioneering a new way to do this, but one of the biggest barriers has been the game designers themselves - they don't want take the chance to be a free agent or to use the equity they've built up in their individual names (their individual brand so to speak). We think you have the power to be a free agent in game development - and thus push project-based big-budget game development over this hump. It would certainly take you out of your comfort zone.

We're honest, hard working, and asking you if you'd take a shot on considering this kind of a venture. You'd not only do another game - one you wanted to do - you'd be helping to give power and control to individual design talent in game projects.

Best regards,

Tim Carter
CEO Core Talent Games Ltd
[email protected]

Congrats! I look forward to hearing about your future endeavors. You have to tear down the garage to make room for the torn-down garage.


We started at UbiSoft within weeks of each other and I am pleased to say that you've had a very positive effect on me over the past decade. I also remember a very similar feeling a few years back and it was a discussion with you and a few others too over some beers that lead me to make a very similar choice. That change has spurted great things in me too.

You are one of the industy's great ones and I hope only the best for you.

Good luck in the future and keep us all in the know! :)


When you live in a way that frees you to welcome whatever comes, even the darkness and uncertainty, you're living a life unshackled from fear. It takes guts to push away from a safe harbor and set back out to sea with no certain destination. Bon voyage and best of luck, Clint!

Well Clint, it is a shame. Many fans were hoping that you might return to Splinter Cell to revive the project back to its former glory, as the standard of writing that you set for the game originally and continued to direct it with in Chaos Theory, is still the benchmark the series needs to set itself against.

Unfortunately the cheap, first trip thrill fest of Conviction just doesn't stand up to scrutiny, unlike the episodes under your command did so well.

But I'm sure a man of clarity such as yourself knows what it is you must work towards and I look forward to whatever that is with great anticipation.

Keep up the fantastic work because, while you may enjoy it, there are many that become enthralled by the products of your labour.

- Ross

First Charles now you! Anyway, good luck. Not that you apparently want it ;)

Wow, you sound like you're leaving the game industry altogether. Great writeup however, very inspirational. I have all 3 of the games above and love every minute of them. Don't dissapear too long Clint.

Bonne chance, Clint! (Or perhaps that should be 'bon courage!' but you seem to have that covered)

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