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October 24, 2009


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The key to avoiding frustration is having lowered expectations, or so says Seneca. Anyway, looking forward to your talk in Savannah.

"Anyway - unfortunately, GameX is not even really in Philly - it's in some suburb like 30 minutes out of town... which kind of sucks (hopefully they'll remedy that for next year)."

Heh, I live in that "some suburb" so the convention location was actually very convenient for me. However, one of the guys on the GameX steering committee told me it would be in center city next year, so it should be much easier to get to for all those visiting Philly.

Btw, enjoyed your keynote. The points on immersion were very interesting. Also interesting was the discussion on how (I'm paraphrasing) the future is a moving target and you need to continually update your conceptions on how things could and will turn out.

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