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March 05, 2009


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That's pretty slick. I agree that it would be perfect without the paper though. Maybe you could put an accelerometer in it and just have a mode that sets your writing area whenever you define the lower left and upper right corners in 3D space. It might still require a base of some sort that could help the pen triangulate its location, but then it would be like the old school quill and ink.

Of course, I'm no inventor, but it seems like it would be a solvable problem in the foreseeable future. Of course it's the Future we're talking about here so who knows. Pens? Where we're going we won't need pens.

I remember Logitech dabbling in digital pens a while back (which also required special "smart" paper).

On the one hand, I can see the usefulness of being able to quickly distribute meeting notes and audio to a number of people. And, as a gadget, it's neat.

My issue with smart pens isn't their (currently) prohibitive cost, it's their frailty. I've bricked more hard-drives than I've had house fires, so the probability of loss or failure is significantly higher than a traditional pen/paper/filing cabinet set-up.


yeah - but IMO the value here is being able to turn one analog thing into infinite digital copies of the thing. Sure if you are just saving your stuff in a big folder, then you'll lose it to HDD failure sooner or later... but if you're using it in the context of a team or other creative group where data is being sent around and shared and emailed and checked into source control, then it's safe.

For personal use... fuck pens - use a PENCIL.

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