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March 18, 2009


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That looks like a nice tight schedule. I wish I could attend several of those. I was really anticipating going to the Game Design Workshop in particular but unfortunately my company decided to scale back the number of people sent to GDC this year.

I will be going to GDX, however, and I am looking forward to your talk there. It's a cheaper consolation prize, I guess. It will be nice to visit Savannah again.

I had the pleasure of previewing Ken Rolston's talk at a recent IGDA NJ meeting and I highly recommend his session.

I've had meetings stomp on a bunch of the talks I want to attend, but still have yours free. Looking forward to it!

Your presentations were excellent. Where can we find your slides? I also want to see the slides from your previous presentations on Orthogonal Unit Differentiation and Designing to Promote Intentional Play.

I'm also interested in seeing the slides, specifically on Fault Tolerance and Improv.

Do you know if GDC will make anything public?


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