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February 15, 2009


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Dude, that was terrible. Crappy acting and lackluster editing, this is basically cosplay.

Dude - a couple guys did it for free in their spare time, and I frankly don't see it being appreciably worse than much of what is on television or the shelves of my local video store.

Is it an 'excuse' that they did it for free in their spare time and therefore we should forgive its lack of artistic merit? Not at all. But why do we forgive the lack of artistic merit in shit that Fox and Paramount churn out for hundreds or thousands or millions an episode?

Don't forgive the lack of artistic merit, but at least celebrate the fact that they *did it*, more or less on their own, swimming against the current of one of the largest industries in human history.

If nothing else - celebrate the fact that these guys probably learned more getting this thing from an idea in a bar onto millions of monitors around the world than they could have ever learned in filmschool - and probably in less time and for less money.

I think it's junk. You disagree. De gustibus! I think if it wasn't videogame related no one would care either way because it's clearly an amateurish attempt to reproduce the most conventional type of boring, mainstream cinema. What's to celebrate?

I kind of like this though:

Frank Lantz you are absolutely spot-on. It's the 'acquittal by low standards' that I can't stand. The argument that we forgive lack of merit from big films, so we should do the same here, is ridiculous.

Oh and Clint, don't get the impression that these guys are somehow struggling small-fry; their day job is DIRECTING COCA-COLA COMMERCIALS.

If you would *read what I said*, I don't forgive it's lack of artistic merit.

I celebrate that they did it. It's hard to do this. I know, I did it myself.

But if you would like to rehash the same argument a third time, I'm here all week.

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