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December 27, 2008


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Clint, Clint, Clint... Civ 4 was the best of the bunch. Admitedly, I haven't played Civ:Rev... and likely won't since I will miss the depth of Civ 4, but that's my kind of gig.

Anyway, you did hit on some good points.

Civilization 4 was, and is, still brilliant (and has some good things toned down from when I tried 3). It does take longer though, I'd admit that.

The DS version is pretty nifty to a degree. I agree, the main thing that struck me as odd is lack of customisation, a staple part of the Civ genre! Also the DS misses a zoom feature or map (and boy, does it need one!), deleting units for gold, and a proper high score table sadly.

I do miss several things from other civilizations too, but none of the necessary to enjoy it (among them, being able to sign treaties to go through other peoples territory, and being able to upgrade old units into newer ones). The "Army" style of fighting is nice, although there's little amount of rock-paper-scissors, so very hard to win against any overwhelming force unless you have more powerful units. I've got to King level so far, I'll see if I go any further. Still fun enough for me to play several times!

Singularity Death Spheres: air power and you get to capture bases.

Good Times. God I miss SMAC. And Tie Fighter.

I really REALLY miss Tie Fighter. Damn you LucasArts - damn you to hell!


I think you might be surprised how much was streamlined and flat cut-out for Civ4 as well. (We removed Pollution, City Riots, Corruption, Waste, Attack/Defense, etc.) One of the things you can customize is game speed/size, so just play a Small map on Fast speed, and the games should last no more than they do on Civ:Rev. (Well, depending on your play style, of course...) Not to take anything away from Rev or Sid, as it's a great product, but you might find that Civ4 addresses some of the negatives you found.

Agreed, Civ Rev, handheld game of the year, and the raison detre for my DS. The short session length has caused me to play much more of it than I've ever done with other Civs.

Funny, though, I haven't had much luck with massive expansion - since a fully upgraded city can be worth so much more than a lot of little cities - sort of a case in point would be the mongols, they're surprisingly weak. The strategy I favor is to culture rush. I've beat hardest difficulty with most of the peoples that way. I haven't bought it for the 360, otherwise I'd throw down the gauntlet and see if I could take you, culture rush vs. massive expansion, two falls out of three...actually, if you're interested, let me know and I'll get a copy.

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