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November 15, 2008


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"The hallmark of progressive design is the unspoken presence of any number of alternative approaches."

Exactly. If I want to experience the same events in the same way every time, I can watch a movie.

In a video game, I want to dictate how things happen according to the designer's set of rules, not by simply triggering his script.

I can't play linear, invisiwall shooters anymore because what Far Cry 2 has done to me. There are no further wow moments that scripted, triggered events can evoke anymore. They're done.

Hey Clint. Long time. How's it going?

For your perusal, a great Lemmy anecdote involving Hawkwind, speed, and Canada:

Awww, you're still my Saddam Hussein, Clint (The Ace). Three weeks on and I'm still loving FC2. I can see myself picking this game up every month for the next year.

Ah, kind of embarrassing to see how baldly earnest and super-analytical I was being hardly two years ago. But I'm glad you find the label of progressive game design to be useful.

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