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November 20, 2008


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Good to know that Mike's has wifi.

I wish I'd seen this before I played the game. Reuben felt like the most consistent (I almost want to say "immobile") character in the game. He was involved in one of the missions too -- was it possible for him to die?

Reuben can't be killed in the game. He serves as a "bookend" figure in the scenario, a witness to the events of the whole game regardless of how they ultimately play out. His presence is somewhat dependent on player action. If the player invests time in collecting The Jackal Tapes, Reuben will show up at Mike's (or the Marina in the south) to receive them. Depending on how often that happens, Reuben will give additional details to the player during their final meeting in Act Three.
Because FC2 is a shooter, the player is automatically inhabiting a character who uses violent means to defeat the challenges of the game. It just happens to be true that the background conflict here is more morally grey than in most games. So we wanted a sympathetic character who represented a typical everyman (and most importantly, African) point of view on the conflict; someone who was struggling with his own doubts but had enough integrity to stick around and be a witness to the events.
Yeah, funny thing about Internet connectivity: In many parts of the world, it's more reliable than landlines or electrical power (we didn't make that up)!

I like the idea of creating a "fake" blog to get more game depth. But since FC2 is in the state it is, you should put more effort in testing the game for bugs and make a good MP. MP is the part that keep the game alive. Heck I played Rainbow six: Black Arrow online on the first xbox for years. Even played it when 360 came out. The best game I ever played online.

"Less is more" consept is great. Keep it simple, but good.

There seems to be a bug with the final meeting with Reuben. I arrived at the Marina bar in the early morning by boat. There is nothing and no way to get into the bar. neither door will open, and nothing else works. If I wait around for hours the odd mercenary shows up outside and I kill him, but there's no way in unless you go back in the game and arrive in some other way. After the boat arrival I can leave and come back in another vehicle, go start a fight in town, take out more patrols, etc., but nothing will open up the bar except going to an earlier save and taking a bus. This is surely a bug.

With regard to those who 'mistook' Reuben for a real person, it could be possible that they were emailing him in-character. There was some speculation over at (including myself) when Reuben's URL flashed up in the Far Cry trailer, that it might be an ARG. If so, those emailers would have been trying not to break the illusion.

Either way, great job guys - it made for good reading.


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