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October 01, 2008


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Congrats on launch. I'm going to go ahead and pre-order...

Damn man, travel safe! I'm jealous!

I can't wait to see the game.

hi clint,
one of your big fan here back in Quebec, i can't wait to play to your game and i have been followed the game progress. Seems to be a great game, but my old computer can't run it, but my ps3 will blast it away. The only thing is the stupid controller. You ve been working on this game for so long, how hard would it be to add the mouse & keyboard support like UT3 did. It would upgrade the gameplay and i know some people who would buy the game if it would be keyboard supported. Hope you ll hear us and we won't have to come in your office at montréal,
from your fans in Trois-Rivieres!!
fait sa pour nous mec!!

Hey Congrats on going gold.

Does your tokyo visit line up with TGS?

There's a big Tokyo-US-expat-developer beerfest happening one night there if you happen to be in town for it.



Glad to hear it's wrapping up, very excited to finally play it. After all the years of conference presentations first obliquely, then explicitly, talking about FC2 and the challenges and problems you guys and gals have tackled the end result will be extremely educational!

FC2's release date is pretty close to Fallout 3. Hope this doesn't hurt the game.

Hope it goes well. You've got a hell of a game to promote.

Must have been a rough few months. With all that flying ahead I hope Ubi booked you business class seats! Have fun!

Well, I can't wait to play this game and I can't wait to hear your deep bloggy thoughts again. Good to have you back, and congratulations.

Congrats on the launch, Clint. Have a safe trip. I look forward to your updates.

Hey Clint,

It was great to have you and LP over here in sunny South Africa for a couple days. Good luck for the rest of your tour and don't overdo it.

Come back and visit soon.

I mostly lurk around here but congratulations and good luck! I've convinced all my friends to buy the game and that it's going to be the next big thing. Be safe and don't drink the water.

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