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March 03, 2008


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Wow, good timing. My Xbox Fred also has given up the ghost, and it happened during GDC. I'm not sure what his deal is though, his RROD is sporadic and doesn't occur at boot most of the time; instead he waits until you are in a game, or sometimes just until the boot screen comes up. So hmm. Sigh.

Does anyone have an original Xbox 360 that still works? I got one on day 1 direct from MS and it still magically works (I just jinxed it didn't I?). Now, I don't play nearly as much 360 as many people, but I play a good amount. I've logged way too many hours in Guitar Hero II and III, beaten Assassin's Creed (including collecting all the flags), Halo 3, Gears of War... playing Mass Effect now.

I'm seriously scared to turn the thing on now, hearing everyone's horror stories. I wish I could just get a new one, with the HDMI ports and all that fun stuff, and not have to worry that my 360 is going to bite the dust one day.

Funny thing is, my PS3 was DOA (Blu-ray slot didn't want to accept discs).

I have an original 360 that still works. My theory on the RROD (which I think I read confirmed on some site) is that for whatever problems it has, it just overheats. Naturally if you play it for a long time, you increase its heat exposure. If it routinely overheats, the GPU or other hardware can get warped at which point you need to mail it in. I've gotten a RROD on my devkit at work several times but I found that a $10 clamp fan pointed right at it keeps it cool and RROD-free. If you RROD, turn it off, wait for 10 seconds, try again, in my scenario it's definitely going to RROD again. Let that sucker cool off!

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