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January 27, 2008


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Clint, something is wonky with your page. I think it's that gamertag app. It keeps redirecting me to the xbox site before I can read your page. A timely press of the stop button is allowing me to leave this comment. You should look into to.

I'll be at the Game Design Workshop at GDC, so I hope to see you there. Maybe we can grab lunch one day.

I've been following the far cry 2 stuff that was posted on MTV's site. It's all exciting stuff. I can't wait to hear more about it. Have a good one,


Nevermind. Problem seems to have been fixed - must have been an issue or something.

Looking forward to this game a lot.

(After years of lurking on your blog...)

Hi there!
I´m looking forward to FC2. Not surprisingly it really seems to have its (game design) heart in the right place. Plus, it reminds me of Jagged Alliance.

I won´t be at GDC this year but can´t wait to read your next GDC lecture.
By the way - thank you so much for always posting the text of your presentations.

I ended up playing "Passage" after reading your MTV preview.
The tiny game is a gem and the level design is brilliant.


Great meeting you at GDC. Your Immersion talk was fantastic; as I mentioned, it is both encouraging and a bit of a relief to see designers try to really try and hammer down how to quantify and qualify the many intangible elements of games that we as gamers sort of fleetingly understand as part of our love for the medium, and that (good) designers often have an unconscious sense of. There is also a great deal of value simply in codifying a practical language of game design, like any other mature creative form would have.

Anyway, Far Cry 2 looks fantastic; Patrick's talk in particularly really got me excited (I blogosphered about it) for its impending release. Take care.

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