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April 08, 2007


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You can email Harvey directly...that's what I did.

Thanks for the nice writeup. :)


Harvey's talk was quite good, I think bringing the post-stasis notion of identity into play is a key thing.

Some further reading on that idea, if you will:

That post is a few ranks below W.E.B. Dubois on Google. Take that Dubois.

Once you've got that acid tab settling in your stomach, it'd be cool to read your weigh in on this topic:

And then bringing it full circle, here's an opportunity for you to be in a movie:

Flattering as hell. Thanks.

Anyone who wants the slides can simply email me and I'll send a YouSendIt link.

Wow, thanks.

Interestingly enough, I encouraged Danny to check in with Clint. Sadly, he's leaving soon, and said he got his fill of developer footage ;)


I missed Harvey's talk, but Randy's was amazingly great. Much love for the hardcore, nuts and bolts game design thinking and when he started talking Kahneman and Tversky I just about flipped. Fantastic talk, this is why I go to GDC.

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