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October 29, 2006


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I'm sure some discussion of level design principles would add to that; from Mario to Metroid to the Milkman. Actually, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night would be a better example than Metroid because the castle is a metaphor for Alucard's heritage, which he (and you as player) is trying to explore, understand, and conquer.

I'll try to attend barring any schedule conflicts, I may have to do my poster session in the same time frame.

This applies to not only speaking, but also articles, research projects, etc.

Committing to these before you fully understand the subject is something I've done a lot too. A co-worker and I used to refer to this as "dump and chase" - referring to how 'Les Habs' often used to (rather than having a play) dump the puck behind the net, chase in after it in a "we'll figure out a plan when we get there" kind of way :-)

Dump and chase is a great strategy. It's a stratgey that rests on determination. Determination is something anyone can have regardless of skill or smarts, and it's often underestimated. Remember that until only 4 years ago, the Habs were the 'winningest' team in all of professional sports. Hard to argue with that.

You'll share some of your presentation with us once GDC has come and gone, I hope? Us paper-game types can't always get out there like we should. Exploration gameplay is something that's been running through my brainstorming like a lode of silver the past few months and I'd love to hear a smart person chase that puck while I'm over here chasing pieces of metaphors all over.

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