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July 15, 2006


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Surrealism embedded into everyday settings (hyperrealism) coupled with frenetic dynamism and grandious energy that barely is contained by the page, yup, this was written by a game designer. I feel your style, my fiction tends to follow along the same lines. I think the interactive medium contains a freedom that post-modern literature has sought, if I never got into game design I reckon I'd be on frustrated writer.

I enjoyed the story, an apocalyptic ending is always fun, and the guy crawling out of the ninja's mouth, crazy and brilliant, reminds me of Burroughs. I can see your ninja designer metaphor is close to heart.

I inadvertently played a game of Get Lost with a buddy last night, we were drunk and decided to wander off and bet each other five bucks to who could get back. We ended up wandering miles away from the house and had to get picked up by my brother at seven in the morning.

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