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July 09, 2006


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I wanted to make sure I understand what you're saying: the thing that's special about GRAW is simply the fact that that the HUD has a direct analog in the gameworld? I'm not disagreeing with your argument at all, I just want to make sure that I'm not missing something, since I've played GRAW for a total of about 15 minutes during which I was more focused on staying alive than any sort of analysis...

On an unrelated comment on your post, it would have been nice if you had included specific demonstrative links to screens of the HUDs you discuss, rather than the respective games' ranking pages. I realize that a) this is a bit of work, and b) screenshots are available via GameRankings, but hey, as long as two or more people follow direct links rather than navigating screenshots on their own then the total amount of work done in the world will have been lowered! :)

This description reminds me of another example in Silicon Knights' Eternal Darkness. The otherwise static camera takes on emotive qualities as the player character reacts to on-screen psychological trauma. The metaphor of seeing through an unstable character's eyes is enhanced by producing effects which cause the player to question and attempt to separate what is "real" (that which could produce in-game consequences) from what is "imagined" (that which will have no tangible in-game effect). Interestingly, although the team used a standard HUD, they found ways to extend the theme of instability into the HUD by using the player's assumptions about it against them.

Just my two cents...

There so many differences. For example at halo 3 the armor is so different..

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