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May 25, 2006


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Yeah, it's very Eliza-ish, but still pretty compelling. I like the gamerpoint graph over time.

The snippets they pull from though seem to have a real homophobic bent to them. What's with that?

I like your idea of the random personality traits. At teh very least, they could look at the community/zone choice the player made. Your xbox should be representative of the owner's tastes. Like certain types of guys own pitbulls vs poodles.

I would like to see the personality traits being based on three factors - though it makes for a complex matrix and a shit-pile of content.

They should take your zone choice, they should take the astrological sign of the date you signed up, and then a random factor. Then you'd get some weird mixes.

I would NOT want them to try to align its personality with yours though - I love the idea that you might not LIKE your XBox's voice. It could trash talk you and make fun of you... that would rule. Kind of makes me think of Will's concept for USBEmily... hehheh you could, of course, kill it and start another if you don't like it.

Since when are you wearing All-Star shoes?

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