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March 26, 2006


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Clint - I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to you more at the show, beyond shop talk. I wanted to catch up on the personal stuff too. Maybe E3 eh?

Talk was great - yet again I marvel at your ability to take something that good designers do without really knowing, break it down, and explain it so that it becomes clear and applicable. Plus Jesus jokes - always good as far as I'm concerned!

Oh, BTW, my fav part of your presentation was the background for the first and last slides. I wonder how many attendees saw the humour in a Lego Difference Engine? :)

Hi Clint,

I hope you enjoy my book. I noticed you put a link to it on the right column of your website (cool). I actually switched printers for the book so this is the correct amazon link: and to get even faster delivery (and better royalties for me), would be great.

Random thought about your GDC talk: I wished you gave the exact same talk but ended it with "and that's why the overly restrictive terms of service used by current MMO companies are so disasterous. Many things the player might want to do (explore difficult to reach areas, separate linked enemies using various tricks, fighting on rooftops, etc, etc) will get them banned."

Sony and Blizzard could really ease up a little and allow way more intentionality without ruining anything.


Just discovered your site via Robin H.'s post... great stuff, awesome. Wish I had been at your talk.

I plan to react to it some point in the next week or two at

Hey Clint! Glad to see you are blogging. Consider me subscribed.

Don't suppose anyone caught your Montreal Game Summit "Next..." talk on video, did they? Great paper, but your presentation of it was fantastic.

Keep up the good work!


Just posted my thoughts on your book. As for the links, the way the bloghost is set up, when I make a book link-list I can't link to anyone but the amazon link they provide. Since that is stupid, I will destroy the entire link list and replace it with a generic one that will allow me to link to who I want instead of who they want. Might take some time though - I have a couple Oblivion gates I gotta shut ;)

Thanks for the book review!

Oblivion, is it? hehe. I played two hours of it and nothing exciting happened. :(

Weird proposition:
You know...I finally retired from World of Warcraft because everyone I knew who played either got sucked into these super huuuge raiding guilds, or they were into mismatched pvp encounters on pvp servers. I prefer the semblance of fair pvp (instanced battlegrounds on pve servers, and dungeons, too) with small groups of friends rather than mammoth guilds. So...are you in? lol. Maybe we can get some other cool game industry people together and experience "WoW as the new golf."

You probably have better stuff to do (hmm...Oblivion...maybe you don't!), but I'm just throwing it out there.

take care,

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